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I have a question for you about getting to heaven…Are you working hard? Are you giving it all you’ve got? Did you make sure you didn’t mess up today? …do you think getting into heaven is based on what you do or don’t do? I have some good news for you…it doesn’t matter! So many of us think that Heaven is something that we are getting to or something we achieve but truthfully, it’s something we receive. And thank goodness! Because I would be done! I’m so glad the only criteria for getting into Heaven is believing in Jesus. The most popular verse in the Bible says that “whosoever believes in him (Jesus) will not perish.” Our works, what we do or don’t do has nothing to do with it so that we cannot boast that there was something we did to receive it (Eph 2:9). It is God’s free gift of grace that we simply accept. You see, the love our Heavenly Father has shown through sacrificing His son is the only way we can receive Heaven. His love is greater than our sin and even when we do sin, His focus isn't on the sin, it's on the forgiveness. 2 Corinthians 5:19 tells us that "God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting peoples sins against them."

When Adam and Eve sinned, they felt shame and went and hid. God didn't get mad at them and tell them, “well you messed up, best of luck.” He went looking for them. Genesis 3:9 tells us He was asking "Where are you?" Would God come looking for us if He was focused on our mistakes or our sin? Now does this mean we don’t have consequences to our actions, of course not…just as Adam and Eve did.

But because of the sin that entered earth and our lives, it created a separation in the relationship we had with Him. Since this time, all He has wanted with His children, EVERYONE, including you, is a restoration of the relationship He originally had with Adam walking in the cool of the day together.

It's simple, Hell is not a place that Gods sends people He's mad at because they didn’t do what they were supposed's the place people go who choose to pay their own way and not accept what Jesus did for them. Because of the new covenant in Christ, God is never distracted by the wrong we do, He's consumed with wanting to get close to us!

What I'm hoping you see is that God never gets mad at you...He is madly in love with you!

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