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The purpose of this page is to help you with knowing what to do on a weekly basis for City Kids & Clubhouse, as well as provide updated curriculum for the coming Sunday.


  • "Worship One, Serve One" is our motto. You can only give what you have received.

  • Please wear your blue serve shirt while serving.

  • Be 30 minutes early. Huddle with your team and get to know everybody.

  • Refrain from eating, drinking, and using your phone while serving. You cannot serve people while serving yourself.

  • Anticipate and respond to the needs of every person and child.

  • Welcome all people by making eye contact and talking with them.

  • Be friendly and don't forget to smile! We serve because we love God and love people. Joy is contagious!

  • Always walk someone to their destination. It shows that you value them!

  • Ensure your purpose is driving everything you do when you serve.


order of service (09/27/20)

Door Greeters 



Room Leaders



Game Leaders


Core Values Leader


Praise Song Leaders

Patience & Kaitlyn

Song 1. Who I wanna Be

Song 2. Real Love

Worship- Way Maker

Message Recap & Salvation Prayer


Small Group Leaders

1st-5th Boys - Chelsea 

1st-5th Girls - Patience

Tech Operator


Below are our desires for you. If you have any questions or would like to request any adjustment, don't hesitate to contact Chelsea @ 770-401-9965.

Our Desire for you

Door Greeters 

Greet every child and parent by name with EXCITEMENT! Don't forget to high five! YOU are there to make everyone feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible!

Room Leaders 

Sit with kids to help them engage throughout the service.  You are the influencer in the room. Say the core values with us, lead in worship, help redirect their attention to the stage if they are being distracted. 



Game Leaders

Lead our game with HIGH ENERGY and continually direct the kids with CLEAR instructions! Do your best to make the game FUN!


Core Values Leaders

Lead with HIGH ENERGY and CHARISMA! Practice leading these ahead of time! Involve the kids as much as you can. It's so important to give them the opportunity to show what they know! 

Worship Leaders

Make effort to learn all of the MOTIONS before Sunday! Don't forget to SMILE on stage! You have the privilege to show every kid in the room just how much FUN it is to worship God!

Message Recap & Salvation Prayer

Watch the message AT LEAST ONCE beforehand. This way you can come prepared to give an ENTHUSIASTIC and brief recap when the video ends. After your recap, you will guide our kids through the ABC's of Salvation! This is the HIGHEST honor you can have as a leader!


Small Group Leaders

It is imperative that you read through the Small Group Guide AT LEAST ONCE before Sunday! It is your responsibility to keep the kids ENGAGED! Make it as FUN as possible!

Security Leaders

You are the one responsible for watching the door at ALL times! Position yourself to be near (not directly next to) the door. You are responsible for enforcing bathroom procedures (1 at a time) and making sure no one wanders off. Remember that you are still an example! Participate as much as possible, especially during worship!

City Kids Worship motions
who i wanna be
See a victory
(No Motions)
City Kids message



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prop talk


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